"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief
from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning."

-- Mister Rogers

Teaching Artist

Teaching is synonymous to sharing my practice as an artist. Consequently all my teaching content is based on the tools and the methods that I use to make art. My goal is to explore self-expression, encourage curiosity and to help find the clarity and enjoyment in the act of creating and building what is imagined. Playfulness is also an important element in class and in the work, as play is essentially engagement, experimentation and exploration without fear.

I teach two multi-disciplinary graduate classes based on alternative game controllers at the NYU Game Innovation Lab: “Beyond the Joystick” and “Costumes as Game Controllers.” In both classes, students learn the basics of building custom circuits and constructing interfaces for games. We also discuss existing examples of alternative game controllers and what the future might hold, as well as the design concepts around designing such interfaces.

Since 2012, I also have been teaching and developing content for an afterschool program called Playable Fashion with collaborator Ramsey Nasser. This program is based on both of our art practices – game design, custom wearable game controllers, building circuits and programming. Initially this informal educational program for high schoolers was taught out of Eyebeam. It has been presented in its entirety as a afterschool program spanning several months, as well as a series of workshops, and additionally in pedagogical development sessions for teachers. More recently we’ve been working on the documentation for Playable Fashion, and hope to release the full content to the public in 2018. We are currently seeking funding to complete our goal.

My intention is not to convince students that alternative game controllers or costumes as game controllers should exist, but rather to study how ideas can exist in the future, and ultimately to reflect upon our potential and responsibility as active, contributing members of our communities.

In addition, I have taught several workshops at Eyebeam and other art spaces, in educational spaces, at museums, at festivals and conferences. Some of the content can be found here:

Selected Workshops

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